About Us

Private swimming lessons at your comfort

Swimbaby Mobile is a swimming school that offers high-quality private swimming lessons at its client's pools.


We provide intensive swimming lessons for anyone at any age from 5 months old. Our swimming programs are tailored for babies, toddlers, kids and adults.

Having private swimming lessons taught in a comfortable environment facilitates the learning process and also saves time by having a Swimbaby Mobile swim instructor come to you.


There are many benefits to having a swim insturctor coming to your house. These include;

- You do not have to spend hours at traffic. We come to you so traffic is our problem.

- Your pool is more hygenic than any other pool.

- You do not have to sit and wait in overcrowded centres.

- You do not have to worry about your child being in the right level class or learning less than others. All the attention will be on your child. It helps to see results faster.

- Lessons are tailored to suit individual needs of each student.

- We know it is not easy to handle tired children after the lesson so you don’t have to be quick rinsing chlorine in busy showers and run out of the center. Your children can take their time in their comfort zone.

- If you would prefer your child to be in a group lesson or if you would like to make the private lesson more affordable then you can consider inviting family or friends up to three chilren. Children need to be at the same swimming level.

- If you have more than one child we can teach all of your children back to back in one day.

Swimbaby Mobile private swimming lessons are conducted by Swim Australia qualified instructors and also all hold resuscitation certificates and working with children checked.


About the founder

Hi. I am Yasemin. I have been teaching babies, toddlers and school-age kids since 2012. I have opened Swimbaby Turkiye in 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey which still operates as a leader in the swim school industry. Since moving to Australia, I have gained my accreditations and further experience in the Australian principles of swimming. This combined experiences has led me to start Swimbaby Mobile.


Being a swimming instructor is my passion and I really enjoy watching students gain new skills and be pleased with themselves when they achieve results. I also love the fact that I am teaching them life saving skills.


My Coaching Qualifications:


- STA Baby and Pre-School Certificate - England

- ASCTA Teacher of baby swimming - Australia

- ASCTA Teacher of swimming - Australia