Winter & Winter's mum

Thank you for teaching me at swimming lessons and for being my favourite instructor. I had lots of fun with you. You made me feel happy when I was swimming and enjoyed our talks about Thomas.

Kent & Vanessa

My daughter Zara learned how to be comfortable in the water, get confident with jumping and start to learn swim. We've loved having you as her teacher.


Thank you for teaching my girl swimming. She had lots of fun and learned so much from you.


Thank you for giving us such a positive start to swimming lessons. Your smile is friendly each and every week :)

Steve & Karina & Elsie & Isla

Thank you for being an amazing, raring and loving swimming teacher to Elsie. She loves you.


Yaz is a great swim teacher and awesome at helping kids feel comfortable in the water. My girls love her!


Just wanted to mentioned that highly recommend this awesome swim instructor. Not only is Yasemin super-experienced when it comes to the whole swim-school business (she started up her own successful baby swim school in Istanbul, Turkey before relocating Australia), but she's also total natural with children - my kids adore her (and I'm not surprised as she's incredibly bubbly, funny and warm). Great girl!


Yasemin has one of the most beautiful, calm ways with children in the pool that i ever seen. My son was apprehensive to participate in lessons but within three visits to Yasemin he was unstoppable. You want your children to be safe in the water and enjoy the water Yasemin will definitely help this to happen.


My daughter Ruby was 3.5yo when she started having Yasemin as her swim instructor. Ruby was full of energy and always so excited to be in her class each week. Yasemin was very calm and clear with her and took time to show Ruby the techniques needed to learn the basics of swimming. We have since moved to Canada and miss our weekly lessons with Yasemin. We would recommend her to any child that is just starting to learn to swim and needs to build up confidence.

Cagri & Ezgi

Our daughter is just turning 2 and she loves the warmth of the water and the fun activities thanks to our instructor Yasemin. She has been our daughter's instructor for about 5 months. We always have a great time with Yasemin, She is amazing and so friendly and encouraging. We feel complete trust in Yasemin who is really engaged with the babies and their development and enjoyment. It’s great to know she is around us, She makes us feel totally comfortable just enjoying the water with our baby. Just wanting to say thank you so far for the experiences and learning she has provided for our lovely daughter Arya,


Yasemin has been instructing our 2.5 year old in swimming for almost a year. She is patient, fun, and a great teacher. A wonderful balance of making sure the kids are progressing whilst making it enjoyable. Thanks Yasemin!


Yasemin is a wonderful swimming teacher. My water baby daughter was very nervous and apprehensive about returning to the pool after a serious of medical issues meant that she could not be in the water for swimming lessons for over a year. This set her previously on track swimming progression backwards. Yasemin was gentle, understanding, safe and above all fun and relaxed in the water whilst reteaching Chloe the swimming and survival basics. She regained her confidence and love of swimming all over again. Chloe loved Yasemin's class and would run up the driveway to the class very excited and happy before every lesson! I would highly recommend Yasemin as a teacher, especially for water loving three year olds!