SwimToddler Program


Pre-school age

3-5 years old

As safety is our first prority, our instructor will make sure your little one understanding of their surrondings. We teach lifesaving and pool safety in a fun and exciting way. If your child is relaxed and has confidence in the water, they can start it move more independently. We believe each child is uniqe and need different support with different ability so your instructor will asses your child at the first lesson to provide the right lesson program. 



What we teach?


- Built water confidence

- Breath control

- Water submersion

- Propulsion efficiency

- Streamlined body position 

- Strong and effective kick both front and back

- Starting kicking front and roll over back and wait for rest

- Introduce basic freestyle stroke

- Front and back float

- Back kicking

- Sitting and standing dive


Safety skills;

- Fall into pool and roll over back 

- Fall into pool and swim back to edge

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