SwimBaby Program


Parent & Child Class

5-36 months

Parent and child swim lessons are one of the most important first strokes of a child's life. This is very special bonding time parents can share with their children. Swimbaby program offers the fun aquatic joy from the comfort of your own home whilst developing your child's water skills and confidence, building their strength and breath control, supporting muscle tone, coordination, balance and senses. 

Babies and infants learn best when they are having fun. We provide a gentle introduction to baby swimming in a playful, fun and safe program with progression that will develop natural swimming skills. 

What we teach:

- introduction to water environment

- breath control by verbal triggers

- working on gribbing reflex in the water

- water submersion

- propelling force

- front and back kicking

- paddling

- climbing out of the pool

- assisted front and back floating

- sitting dive


Safety skills;

- Fall into pool and roll over back 

- Fall into pool and swim back to edge

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